The last of the roadtrip

Day 14 (Virgin to Vegas – hehe!)

This morning we headed to Zion National Park and parked the RV. At this time of the year the park is only accessible by shuttle bus…which we soon discovered sucks. You can’t see anything as you’re driving, and the buses were really crowded. We stayed onboard until the end of the gorge and then travelled back, hopping off for a walk here and there. It wasn’t that spectacular, really, but some of the longer hikes would’ve been breathtaking. I think we’ve been gorged, canyoned and springed out. Interestingly we ran into some Aussies (which are reasonably rare over here) and, TERRY KNEW THE GIRL!! What a laugh. Terry said, ‘Hey’. And the girl said, ‘Terry!’. Too funny! From Zion we headed toward Vegas, stopping at a nature refuge for lunch and a quick look at Hoover Dam on the way. We’re now “camped” ON the Vegas strip, about to head out for a late father’s day dinner at Bubba Gump’s and then a 2.6 mile walk along the Vegas strip, stopping here and there to look at fountains, gold nuggets, massive aquariums and other Vegas-type stuff.

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Day 15
We had a nice dinner last night but the service was very slow so it was quite late by the time we started heading back to the RV. We could see the Belagio’s fountains from our table at dinner, but we stopped for a closer look on our way home. Unfortunately we missed the Mirage’s fountain show by a few minutes. The lights were amazing but we were exhausted by the time we got home and enjoyed a big sleep in this morning. Once on the road, we went hunting for the Silverton Casino as it was the one with the giant fish tank and we had failed to find it the night before. Ha! No wonder, it wasn’t anywhere near the strip! It was, however, connected to a massive Bass Pro store and, hours later, the Vallance family exited with several bags of goodies. Sorry Cabela’s, but Bass Pro kicks your butt!! We’re now on the road between Vegas and LA…booooring (except for the majorly cool Ivanpah Solar Power Facility)! Our camp tonight is at Long Beach and we swap the camper for a hire car in the morning.

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