Last but not least

Our last stop on the way home was the big island of Hawaii. We landed in Honolulu and jumped on the short flight to Hawaii. Terry organised a convertible mustang as our hire car, as a surprise for the mustang-loving Finn (first we had a red one but, after issues, it was replaced with a grey version). After some luggage juggling we made the short trip to our lovely accommodation on the waterfront. The next day we explored the coastline north of Kona, stopping at Lapakahi State Historical Park, which was really interesting. The following morning saw us up early and heading south and around the bottom of the island to the eastern coast and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. It was lovely and the eastern side of the island is a lot greener and wetter than the western side. We travelled back through the middle of the island to get back to Kona, driving part way up Mauna Kea. Our plan for the last day was to relax. We thought we’d do a little shopping, wash some clothes, charge up our devices for the flights home, pack our bags etc etc. We slept in…and then realised that we’d already had our ‘last day’ and that our flight left that morning. Less than 1.5 hours later, we were boarding. Somewhat dishevelled but we’d made it. Looking back it is hilarious, but definitely not how we’d planned to end our amazing holiday!

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