On our way to Portovenere the train passed through Pisa so we hopped off, stashed our bags and walked the few kilometres to the tower. We didn’t get to climb it though. There was a 4 hour wait and we still had a bit of travelling to do.

A mixed bag

A mixed bag of photos from ’round our ridges. There’s a few from the kids’ fancy dress masquerade ball. In case you were wondering, no, there were no other matchsticks at the ball. Then there’s a couple of sporting achievements. Finn won all his races at the school swimming carnival. There’s only 5 boys in his age group. Two are in Grade 2 and they didn’t compete in the races. The other 2 are in Finn’s class (Grade 3) but they didn’t turn up on the day. So….Finn won everything. He also won the monthly medal at their first month of golf. It’s pretty much even stevens with them at golf, both of them hitting around 50 for 6 holes. They competed in the Atherton Cup last weekend. Riley beat Finn by 2 shots and Finn won the least number of putts. I’ve also chucked in a couple of photos of my boys all dressed up for a wedding we went to in September.