The Vallance brothers and the Morrison brothers

Last weekend the boys had the chance to spend some time with John and James Morrison, and to perform with them at Jazz on the Green at Palm Cove. John and the Tablelands Regional Youth (TRY) band leader Jane run an instrumental music program on Cape York Peninsula. The kids from the Cape came down to Tablelands, and the TRY band kids did a workshop with them, The Morrison brothers, people from the Queensland Music Festival and students from the Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts. There was a concert that night, and James Morrison then asked the TRY band to play the next day with him and his band. Big honour!! (If you’re looking for the boys, during the performance they’re both on the stage, either side of John Morrison on drums!).

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Long time between drinks…

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. A very loooong time. I’m going to go back through the photos I have missed (a whole year’s worth) and dig out a few to post but, in the meantime, here are some photos of the boys at Cairns Zoom. Pat and Graham gave the kids a voucher for Christmas so we met them in Cairns to watch the boys on the ropes course. They zip lined all over the place, including over the top of Goliath, a giant estuarine crocodile. They climbed around the outside of the building (and mustn’t have been able to see us inside because Finn was happily picking his nose!). And then they did the big drop from the high tower and climbed all the way back up.
Pat and Graham then took the kids to Innisfail for the night and Terry and I stayed at the casino (thanks to another voucher from Pat and Graham!).

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