A miscellaneous collection

A mix of photos  here. Some of animals from our trip to Hartley’s Creek Crocodile Adventures. One of the photos cracks me up—I swear the croc is grinning at me. A couple of  photos of the boys’ fire pit. One from the Anzac Day parade. Also a shot of a very small velvet worm…too cool. It’s the 3rd one we’ve seen here.


Now I’m just showing off!

Here are lots of photos of one of my latest projects — a walk for kids at Lake Eacham. There’s activities and stuff to do while learning about the rainforest and its inhabitants (what a cliche!). I have the ringing endorsement of kids (who aren’t related to me) and their parents (also not related).

We head off next weekend for about 7 weeks so I will be posting more photos (emptying my temporary photo folder) before we go.