The Grand Canyon!…and polygamous Mormans.

 Day 13

Today we spent the morning and a good part of the afternoon exploring the northern rim of the Grand Canyon. Of the 5 million visitors that go to the Grand Canyon every year, only 10% go to the northern rim and it was surprisingly quiet (comparatively speaking). The canyon itself was…well, grand, but I’m starting to think we’re all canyon and gorged out. Needless to say, we’re camped tonight not far from Zion National Park (in a town called Virgin which is kinda ironic given we are in Utah…where pockets of polygamous Mormans still rule the world…apparently). We have to go on a shuttle bus to see the main part of the park tomorrow, private vehicles are not permitted. We drove through part of the park to get to our campsite and it included a $15 fee because our motor home was too big to fit through the access tunnel so they had to shut down the traffic from the other direction so we could drive in the middle of the lanes. Money well spent I say. Tomorrow we’ll have a look at Zion and then head to Vegas, via Hoover Dam. We’ve booked ourselves into an RV park right on the Vegas strip. We’re pretty sure it’s just a bitumen carpark but when in Rome…

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