Last photos from the cruise


We had no hard and fast plans for our day in Cozumel, other than to sample the sights and smells of this very touristy coastal Mexican town. We headed past shop after shop of people trying to coax us inside with “free gifts”, and into the backstreets of the town. We looked through a food market with meat from a variety of animals hanging in the stalls. We managed to order ourselves some icecreams and home-made lemonade, despite the language barrier, and then eventually wound our back to the tourist strip. The boys got a henna tattoo each and, because they were so tough, had to get photos swigging beer, tattoos on show. We found a little traditional Mexican restaurant and had the yummiest platter of Mexican food before heading back to our cool room on the ship.

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 Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas

This stop was purely for dumb-arse tourists to work on their skin cancers and the last chance for the cruise line to fleece as much money from us as possible. The island is owned by the cruise company so there’s not much on it. Not to say it wasn’t beautiful. We left the crowds of roasters on the beach and hiked to the other end of the island to the lighthouse. We saw black iguanas and these cute little green and yellow dragons. It was a really hot day so, after the lighthouse, we headed back to the beach and found some space in the total crystal clear water. Despite the people, it was gorgeous. Then the boys spent an hour or two sliding down the massive blow up water slide before we headed back to the ship for an afternoon cocktail and swim.

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Onboard photos

These are just a selection of photos taken while on the ship.

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