More of the roadshow!

Day 10

What a magic day. The morning was spent at The Arches National Park, and then we drove the short distance and explored Canyonlands National Park. While both parks are amazing, Canyonlands is breathtaking. My legs are telling me we walked as far as we drove today. We waited until later in the day to walk to Aztec Butte, where ancestral Puebloens, clad in their yukka sandals, stored their grain and seed in stone structures sealed with mud. Waaay cool. It was a huge climb but definitely worth it. I have 156 photos to wade through from today and I know NONE of them will do this bit of country justice but it’s all I have to offer. Tomorrow we’re in for a big drive to Bryce Canyon. The days are ticking away!!

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Day 11
Although it was a long drive today, we passed through such an amazing variety of landscapes that every bend and crest revealed something new. From just outside Canyonlands NP, we headed out to the freeway (where I saw, what I presume were, dozens of prairie dogs (no mobile service to check)) and then south until we had just passed Blanding. From there we travelled along the scenic drive, which took us beside White Canyon, and then through Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Capitol Reef National Park, Dixie National Forest, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and to Cannonville, just south-east of Bryce Canyon National Park. The change in the scenery was dramatic and breathtaking and, once again, my photos barely touch on its magnitude, colour, shapes and features. The views from our campsite are amazing but a storm sent us inside early. Tomorrow is Bryce Canyon and then we’ll head to the northern rim of the Grand Canyon.

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Day 12
We had thunderstorms all through the night and into the morning but, by about 8ish it had settled down to regular rain. Being dinky-di North Queenslanders, we were not daunted by the need for flippers, and merrily hit the road on our way to Bryce Canyon National Park. We drove through the park, stopping at lookouts, waiting for the cloud to lift so we could get a glimpse of the view below. The landscape we did see was spectacular and the hoodoos at Inspiration Point were my clear favourite. We also stopped to watch prairie dogs in meadow. They are so cool. After a quick treat of lunch at a diner, we were on the road towards the Grand Canyon, first passing through the beautiful Red Canyon. We’re camped at Jacob Lake, about 40 miles from the northern rim of the Grand Canyon. We’ve had a full range of temperatures today and tonight looks like being a cold one.

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