Day 9 – Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Utah

Today was a driving day but we tried to break it up as often as we could, without compromising the miles we needed to do. From Rock Springs we drove through the beautiful Flaming Gorge. We stopped along the way at a roadside turnout to grab some fruit from the kitchen for lunch and decided to do the short walk that we accidently discovered. Talk about magic! The kokanee salmon were thick and travelling upstream. Some were starting to spawn and we watched females defending their male and nests from other females, and both species of fish climbing up the riffles. After that we just drove. The landscape was stunning and my photos don’t do it justice (even the dirty windscreen does nothing to enhance them). We had hoped to get in at The Arches National Park but the campground was full so we’re just down the road of Moab. We’ve planned our Arches NP walks for tomorrow and will camp at Canyon Lands National Park tomorrow night.

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