Los Angeles

Day 1

This morning we returned the RV and picked up a hire car. It was too early to book into our accommodation in West Hollywood so we went for lunch at a nearby bar/restaurant. The meals were huge and delicious, and the boys were given a complimentary 3 foot of fairy floss!! When we were booked in we were “upgraded” to a pool room. It’s kinda cool. We open the doors and take 3 steps and we’re in the pool. Well, the boys are. Terry and I are sitting just to the side of the pool, with a bottle of Californian sav. blanc. This afternoon we walked a few miles to see the stars at the Walk of Fame. We stopped in at Madame Tussaud’s (the photos will make you laugh) and then spent an hour or so in the nearby lolly shop (Sweets, formerly Lollywood). The boys made custom chocolate bars and played on the piano steps. We caught a cab back to the motel and the boys had room service (Terry and I were still full from lunch). They’re now fast asleep, charging their bodies for a big day at Universal Studios tomorrow.

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Day 2
What can I say? Universal Studios. Fun. Much. I hardly took any photos because I was having such a fat time! In the end I had to get some of Riley’s photos to post.

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Day 3

Today we had a sleep in and then piled into the minivan for a trip south to Santa Monica and Malibu. After morning tea on Malibu Beach we met Jomo (another one of Joan’s sons) and Indio (his son who we met when Joan visited last year) for lunch. From there we headed back to Hollywood in search of the prime location to photograph the Hollywood sign and then we went on a pilgrimage, via Beverley Hills, to the Diddy Reise cookies for more food that I didn’t need but felt that I had to eat. The evening was spent battling traffic back to our motel and packing for our flight to Hawaii tomorrow. We’re homeward bound.

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