Christmas and the start of 2014

So March starts this weekend. Nearly 2 months since Christmas and here I am finally uploading Christmas photos. Not to mention a few others from what has happened in those two months.

Christmas was at Eungella and we all had a great time “decorating” the farm, eating too much, drinking waaaay to much and doting on the new little man in the family (remember Bluei, ‘I love Auntie Tam. Auntie Tam is the best’). Dave and Mel then came to Lake Eacham for a bit more of a holiday so the festivities continued. Eventually they headed back to Sydney and the only thing happy to see them go was my liver.

In less than 2 weeks Riley turned 12. Sheesh!

School has started well. Both kids seem to be enjoying themselves. Finn has started in the Tableland Youth Band with Riley (which is where I am sitting at the moment). He’s playing the piano. At school he has picked up the xylophone, percussion and…drums. Those of you who know my little man will be grinning, I know. Riley has just been elected the Environment Captain for the school. I call him Captain Environment and am planning on making him a green cape with a leaf on it. Badge presentations are tomorrow and I’ll upload photos soon (sooner than 2 months!!).

I’ve also added a couple of my latest wildlife shots.

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The cape and beyond

During the September/October holidays we spent two weeks tripping around the lower and central parts of Cape York Peninsula. We started with a few nights at Melaleuca campsite in Rinyirru (Lakefield) National Park before heading north to hang out with Ranger Gary at Kutini-Payamu (Iron Range) National Park. Gary used to be the ranger at Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park (where we have also been known to park our camper in his yard). From there, we crawled slowly to the most remote campsite in Oyala Thumotang National Park for a few days without hearing or seeing another soul. Nights in Coen and Cooktown with ranger friends before taking the coast road through the Daintree found us at home again. Lots of fishing, relaxing, cooking, beach combing and generally just “hanging out” made for a fantastic two weeks…and there are HEAPS of photos to show it. Seriously, I did try to select just a few!!

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Long time between drinks

Sooo….we’re about to head off up the cape for a few weeks and I decided I’d better get myself photo-organised. I’m not worrying about the food, clothes etc that are required for the 2 weeks in the boonies. I’m thinking of all the photos I’m going to take and the nasty backlog on top of the backlog I’d have if I didn’t get through some photos before we left. So here is the result. Some photos of the boys’ fancy dress ball, some of the trip on the steam train and visit with the Salmon family, a couple of our recent trip to Brisvegas where the boys spent some time with their Grandad at New Farm park… and a great photo of Riley with his cows.
Talk to you when we get back!

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Interhouse sport

The boys had their interhouse sports carnival the week before last and both of them did really well. It’s Finn’s first year being eligible for an age medal and, blow me down if he didn’t win it. I was so surprised I nearly missed the chance to get a photo of his medal being presented! Riley did really well at quite a few events, especially the high jump and long jump. His age level is quite large and many of the boys are athletes so he didn’t place anywhere in the individual events, but he cleaned up in the team ballgames.

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A labour of love

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Terry’s Granma’s desk came to me last year when she died and, after hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of work, I think she’d be really happy with how it turned out. Our friend Anthony sprayed the finish for me (that’s why it’s so smooth!) and we made some minor adjustments to […]

Bits and pieces

I entered an amateur photo competition recently and, thanks to the strict selection process of Terry, Riley and Finn, managed to win first place in the adult digital section. There were over 150 photos so I’m quite proud of myself. Joan and her grandsons (Noah and Indio) were visiting from the US at the time so we rearranged our day and headed to Cairns for the award ceremony. Terry and I met Joan in Africa in 2000 and this is her second visit to us in Australia.

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The baby turns 9…and I go up the cape.

Surprise, surprise our baby Finn turned 9 in May!! Half way to the legal drinking age. Isn’t that a scary concept? Thanks for all the gifts and wishes that made his day extra special.
I’ve also included a few photos from my recent trip up the cape. I went to Rinyirru (Lakefield) National Park, Lama Lama National Park, Lilyvale Station and then back to Cooktown and Cairns. It was a great trip but, as always, lovely to be home.

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Karma Waters Station

I’m so on top of these photos! We went camping on the weekend. We came home YESTERDAY and I’ve already done the photos!! Helps that I’m sitting on the floor of the music room while Riley has two hours of youth band practice.

We took Friday off school and work and headed west, away from the drizzle, to Karma Waters Station. Poppy Alf and Granny Kay, and Nana and Choppy came as well. We all own Aussieswag campers so we looked like a expedition.

The weather was divine…warm and dry. We had a lovely weekend and it was mothers’ day on Sunday to boot! It was also dry all the way home, until we got about 2km from home — ha!

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