Karma Waters Station

I’m so on top of these photos! We went camping on the weekend. We came home YESTERDAY and I’ve already done the photos!! Helps that I’m sitting on the floor of the music room while Riley has two hours of youth band practice.

We took Friday off school and work and headed west, away from the drizzle, to Karma Waters Station. Poppy Alf and Granny Kay, and Nana and Choppy came as well. We all own Aussieswag campers so we looked like a expedition.

The weather was divine…warm and dry. We had a lovely weekend and it was mothers’ day on Sunday to boot! It was also dry all the way home, until we got about 2km from home — ha!

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3 thoughts on “Karma Waters Station

  1. Melinda Gould says:

    Howdy. Very interested in you trip to the Mitchell River and Karma Waters Station. Do you know how I could contact the property owners to make a camp booking?

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