Christmas and the start of 2014

So March starts this weekend. Nearly 2 months since Christmas and here I am finally uploading Christmas photos. Not to mention a few others from what has happened in those two months.

Christmas was at Eungella and we all had a great time “decorating” the farm, eating too much, drinking waaaay to much and doting on the new little man in the family (remember Bluei, ‘I love Auntie Tam. Auntie Tam is the best’). Dave and Mel then came to Lake Eacham for a bit more of a holiday so the festivities continued. Eventually they headed back to Sydney and the only thing happy to see them go was my liver.

In less than 2 weeks Riley turned 12. Sheesh!

School has started well. Both kids seem to be enjoying themselves. Finn has started in the Tableland Youth Band with Riley (which is where I am sitting at the moment). He’s playing the piano. At school he has picked up the xylophone, percussion and…drums. Those of you who know my little man will be grinning, I know. Riley has just been elected the Environment Captain for the school. I call him Captain Environment and am planning on making him a green cape with a leaf on it. Badge presentations are tomorrow and I’ll upload photos soon (sooner than 2 months!!).

I’ve also added a couple of my latest wildlife shots.

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