Kids, flowers and critters

This is a random collection of stuff from the last few months. Riley’s orchid has flowered very well this year. Mum, Paul, Nan and Pa gave it to him when he was born and it has flowered most years since, always around his birthday. Finn has one too. There’s other flower pictures, some interesting insects, and then a couple of photos from Riley and Finn’s concert at school. Riley had a lead role in his class’ performance and Finn was in a play and also played a ukulele. There’s also a shot of the champion male beginner golfer for 2012…and some photos of one of our chooks being eaten by a small amethystine python. Our friends locked the snake ‘in’ with the chickens one night, without realising. It’s a shame it didn’t eat the old chook that doesn’t lay eggs any more.

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