Goldfield Trail – our first overnight walk

So this is going back a few months…I’m trying to drag up those memory cells!

We’d been working towards overnight walks for a while.  Christmas and birthday presents and money had gone towards getting equipment (thanks to everyone) and eventually, with a bit of equipment loaned from friends, we were ready. We were pushing our luck, walking so late in the year as the wet season was imminent, but we spent all the “good” months tripping around overseas. Terry studied the weather and we decided it was worth the risk…and off we went onto the Goldfield Trail.

It was fantastic. The kids loved it and we loved it. We have the longest list of walks we need to do now…and that’s just in our immediate area.

It was only 8km walk on the first day and, although we started late, we were at the camp site by lunch time. The “official” camp site was pretty ordinary, so we waded across the river with our packs over our heads and found the most beautiful and seculded site. It was quite lucky actually because, a few hours after we arrived, a big group of teenagers turned up and took over the official camp site. After we set up camp, we did a bit of exploring and the boys had a go at the rope swing. Terry and I eyed off the bottle of green ginger wine that I had snuck into my pack…knowing it wouldn’t last long after the seal was cracked.

It rained a few drops during the night, but nothing to really bother us. By the time we got up to shut the tents and drag our stuff under cover, it had stopped.

Next day it was 11km for the boys…but I left my camera at one of the stops and had to go back to get it. It was an extra 2km in the steepest section of the walk for me. That’ll learn me.

We couldn’t have done this walk if Pat and Graham hadn’t picked up our car from one end and dropped at the other. Thanks so much.

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