The baby turns 10 and other stuff

Long time no post, I know! As with any family it’s been go, go, go in the Vallance household.
One of the most memorable event in recent times was Finn turning 10! It’s funny how my kids’ ages make me feel older than MY age does. The family’s “party rules” allow for a party on 10th birthdays so we took Finn and 6 of his mates for lunch at McDonalds and then a 2 hour game of laser tag in Cairns. On the way home we stopped at Emerald Creek ice-creamery for a cooling off, and then had a Lego cake and chocolate fountain when we got home. Big day but lots of fun.
Finn also did well in cross-country this year. He came first in his school cross-country and about middle field in the district comp.
Riley received a(nother) principal’s award last month for his work at Environmental Captain at school. He’s implemented a recycling program at the school (with the help of the council) and runs a gardening club for all ages during lunch on Thursdays. They weed the school gardens but they’ve also got a few vege gardens going. One of the gardens is growing sweet potatoes for the tree-kangaroo rehabilitation centre.
Both kids represented the school at the music camp this year and had a fantastic time. There were about 70 kids involved from around the region and they made some great noise.
Anyway, that’s it for now! Hopefully next time won’t be so far away!

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