Boats and breaks

My hard drive on my computer crashed and it’s taken me a while to get myself organised on the photo front. I didn’t lose too many photos but I’m now working from Riley’s old laptop…and I think is probably older than him.

The photos here are of Terry’s new boat and the boys skiing behind it on the day we picked it up. They enjoyed the extra speed and are looking forward to the first reef trip…no doubt the first of many. This was all before Riley fell down the stairs at school and broke his arm. He ended up in hospital in Cairns for the night. They took him in for surgery but were able to manipulate it back into place where it thankfully stayed, so no pins or wires were needed. He’s back to the specialist tomorrow and we’re all hoping the cast is coming off…it’s been a long 5 weeks for everyone.

I’ve also added a few photos of Finn on Lake Eacham. We paddle once a week before school. Riley hasn’t been able to come out because of the cast so it’s just been Finn and I for the last few weeks. We’ve also been training for the cross-country in the mornings…but more about that soon!

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