Cinque Terre – The Five Lands

While at Portovenere we spent a day exploring Cinque Terre. A day really isn’t long enough but we still managed to get a quick look at all 5 towns. We walked Via Dell’Amore (Love Walk) and the track between Vernazza and Montorosso, but the rest of it we went by train. A section of the track around Vernazza was damaged earlier this year by floods and landslides and still wasn’t open. Vernazza itself was damaged and they were still doing repairs and pumping muddy water when we were there. On the walk to Montorosso we found a little Italian man sitting inside a makeshift shelter selling freshly made lemonade, red wine and limoncello.  Needless to say, we nearly kissed the guy and the rest of the walk was made with lighter heads (and wallets!).


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