MSC Orchestra – strawberry daiquiries on the Mediterranean

I’ve never been one for cruises but the change of pace (and unlimited drinks package) were very welcome. It was nice to travel to different countries without having to lug our bags. People watching was awesome fun. I have never seen so many overweight, grey-haired, sun-tanned people in bikinis and budgie smugglers in one place in my life!! The ship was lavish and the staff fantastic (except for that cow at reception) and, in typical Finn and Riley style, many of the staff got to know us as the adults with the ‘El Capitans’. Finn bought his captain’s hat first but it wasn’t long before Riley was in the shop trying them on. This was our first dabble with late daylight and the boys found it weird that the sun was still up well after their bed time. Photos of the countries to come.


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