We’re baaaaaack!

Cairns, Hong Kong, Helsinki, Rome, Vatican City, Livorno, Villefranche, Valencia, Ibiza, Tunis, Catania, Naples, Livorno, Pisa, La Spezia, Portovenere, Cinque Terre, Venice, Milan, Switzerland (all over!), Lichtenstein, Austria, Germany, France, Helsinki, Bangkok, Sydney…over 900 unedited photos…and some additional debt :). Never fear though, I have your best interest at heart and I will slowly dribble some of the photos from the trip. Here’s an initial instalment. This is us leaving and our time in Hong Kong. It was an interesting visit. All of us (except the boys) had been there before but none of us had been to Hong Kong Disneyland. We stayed in the (supposedly former) red-light district of Wan Chai. Very central and out of the main tourist strip. Our accommodation was…interesting, but served our purpose perfectly. All we needed was somewhere to shower and sleep. Luckily it was cheap to eat out :).


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